Our Work

Our work spans across industries and has included small businesses and startups, as well as corporate giants.
Below, find a sampling of some of our recent work in:


Our client, Terasynth, is an aerospace simulations and defense company that needed a brand representative of a traditional, professional defense firm, with the addition of a modern tech.

It was important to establish the brand’s identity as a serious player in their industry through strategic storytelling.

The goal was to evoke feelings of patriotism, honor, and duty in current and potential government customers, while also appealing to a new, younger audience of engineers and tech enthusiasts.

We used a mix of lifestyle and product photography to capture the imagination of our target audience and communicate Terasynth’s brand values.

The logo was derived from a combination of a strong typography wordmark, and a contemporary animated emblem that not-so-subtly hinted at their roots in military aerospace.

The website was designed and built on a mix of raw-code and content-friendly editor, and used an impactful video header to engage visitors and tell Terasynth’s story in an immersive way.


Sharebert is tackling generation-z in unconventional ways. The global esports company produces virtual, and live in-person gaming and esports events for consumers aged 13 through 30.

The goal was to create a brand that was playful and youthful, but still conveyed the professionalism and expertise of a company that could run large-scale events, especially when it came to sponsor-partners, of which many were worldwide brands.

We used a mix of photos and illustrations to capture the energy and excitement of the gaming world, and used bright colors and playful typography to communicate the brand’s personality.

The website was designed to be easily navigated by a young audience, with clear calls-to-action that funnel, and featuring prominent client-athletes and influencers in a bold, on-brand way.

Summer Fortnite Tournament.pptx
E3 2019.pptx
Dunkin x Sharebert.pptx
NOVEMBER 2019 HyVee Financials.pptx


Track While Scan, a flight simulation video game needed a brand that was sleek and modern to appeal to a niche community of flight simulation gamers. The goal was to evoke feelings of adventure, and excitement in potential customers, while also appealing to a new, younger audience of gamers and tech enthusiasts.

We used a mix of bold imagery and cinematic video to capture the imagination of our target audience and communicate Track While Scan’s brand values.

The website was designed and built with custom raw-code, and used an impactful video header to engage visitors and tell Track While Scan’s story with little need for text media.


Ratebased is an insur-tech company. An insurtech company, simply put, is a tech company that provides solutions to the insurance industry.

Ratebased provides a software platform to insurance carriers that helps them price their policies more accurately, simultaneously creating better prices for end consumers because of the increased competition.

The client’s goals were big, bold, and specific to a certain theme of colors.

We attacked these challenges by providing compelling photos, an animated “magazine-style” effect, and consumer-centric copy.

The result was a bubbly, magazine-esq feel that was unique to the industry, and appealed to the target audience of insurance customers while maintaining a serious, and business-professional tone.


Woman in Power (WIP) is a woman owned startup company focused on the compliance related to commercial solar farms that reduce energy costs.

Their target customers are private companies with a social conscience, but have to do so in compliance with government entities in a myriad of newly-developing legislation.

The goal was to evoke feelings of social responsibility and forward-thinking in terms of green energy investments for potential customers.

Capturing the grand scale of commercial solar projects in the imagery was key in conveying to prospective customers that WIP could help them to deliver large scale projects that subsidized energy over a 25 year cycle.

The website was designed to be clean, and “to the point” with an easily digestible amount of information that didn’t require a lot of scrolling to get the gist of what WIP could do for them.



Castle Tournaments is the most unconventional sports events company we’ve ever come across, focused around the sport of “buhurt”—in fact, it’s a brand 6 centuries in the making.

Buhurt is a form of competitive fight involving wearable full body armor, mimicking that of historical warriors. Though buhurt fighting involves actual medieval weaponry and armor, and the big safety measure is that swords and axes are blunted, rather than sharpened.

The sport, and Castle Tournaments’ CEO was recently featured on History Channel’s “Knight Fights”.